Ongoing Initiatives

The Restoration of Hassan Fath...

Environmental Quality International (EQI) is implementing a project entitled Safeguarding Hassan Fathy’s Architectural Legacy in New Gourna, which is funded by UNESCO. The works focus on...

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Over the years, Environmental Quality International (EQI) has grown to reflect both the diversification and the expansion of its focus areas. EQI's extensive engagement in the sustainable development of Siwa Oasis spurred the establishment of two subsidiaries: EQI-Siwa and Siwa Creations. These companies manage our social investments in the Oasis, including artisinal food and handcrafted home accessories and textiles from Siwa, and manage our two lodges: Shali Lodge and Albabenshal Heritage Hotel. Environmental Quality for Touristic Investment (EQTI), was established to operate our luxury Siwa ecolodge Adrère Amellal. Finally, EQI for Small and Medium Enterprise Development (EQI-SME), was established to provide greater focus on our microfinance initiatives and to manage distinctive socio-economic development initiatives. Together, these companies represent the EQI group of companies, fulfilling our vision of sustainable and inclusive social and economic development.


EQI is internationally recognized as a regional leader in sustainable development. Our commitment to quality and emphasis on innovation has resulted in some of our projects being internationally lauded. 
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