Who we are

EQI was founded in Egypt in 1981 as a private partnership engaged in the delivery of environmental consulting services. Starting with less than ten employees, EQI rapidly acquired the range of professional skills needed to design and implement comprehensive strategies for dealing with environmental challenges. With an in-house team in place made up of social scientists and environmental, management, finance and communication specialists, we expanded to other areas of development, such as governance and enterprise development, gaining expertise in the fields of microfinance, ecotourism, and agriculture. Today, EQI is a full-service company that addresses development needs across sectors. Operating primarily in Africa and the Middle East, EQI enjoys an international reputation for quality and innovation, both as a consultant and a direct investor in sustainable development initiatives. Our investments, which are  commercial in nature, are structured to bring significant economic gains to the local communities concerned, while preserving the region’s rich natural assets and unique cultural heritage.


Our mission is to participate in the growth and development of the Middle East and North Africa region and contribute to the sustainable improvement of the living conditions of its peoples. We aim to help stakeholders identify and set priorities, formulate progressive and valuable policies, and implement effective, sustainable solutions for development challenges both unique and universal.


Dr Mounir Neamatalla

Mounir Neamatalla is a man who is passionate about his dreams, pursuing them with single-minded devotion until they become reality. He started his professional life driven by a mission to succeed in creating environmentally and socially sensitive enterprises. The result was Environmental Quality International (EQI), the first consulting enterprise of its nature in the Middle East and North Africa region, founded in 1981.

Mounir believes that it is the spirit of entrepreneurship at the smallest scale that has preserved the cities of the region for centuries as thriving centers of world trade, finance and culture, and that this spirit is the region’s best hope for prosperity in today’s economy. He remains deeply connected to the guiding principles of the company he founded more than 30 years ago, advocating the wisdom of engaging local communities, and safeguarding their cultural and natural heritage in both managing successful enterprises and building local economies.


Over the years, Environmental Quality International (EQI) has grown to reflect both the diversification and the expansion of its focus areas. EQI's extensive engagement in the sustainable development of Siwa Oasis spurred the establishment of two subsidiaries: EQI-Siwa and Siwa Creations. These companies manage our social investments in the Oasis, including artisinal food and handcrafted home accessories and textiles from Siwa, and manage our two lodges: Shali Lodge and Albabenshal Heritage Hotel. Environmental Quality for Touristic Investment (EQTI), was established to operate our luxury Siwa ecolodge Adrère Amellal. Finally, EQI for Small and Medium Enterprise Development (EQI-SME), was established to provide greater focus on our microfinance initiatives and to manage distinctive socio-economic development initiatives. Together, these companies represent the EQI group of companies, fulfilling our vision of sustainable and inclusive social and economic development.
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